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kumite_gata_1_web2.jpgThe Book: "36 Kumite Gatas of Wado-Ryu"


My book "36 Kumite Gatas of Wado-Ryu" is ready and free to be downloaded form this page. Just click the link above with the right  button of the mouse and choose "Save Linked Content As"! The file is about 8 megas.





1. The structure of the kumite katas
2. Taisabaki no kata in wado-ryu
3. Kumite gatas 1 - 36
4. The three elements of kumite gata and  wado-ryu as a style
5. Kuzushi - breaking the balance
6. Kyusho-jutsu of wado-ryu


Video clips of kumite gata 

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